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The mission of the School of Business and Finance at Metropolitan College is the training and development of company executives, able to pursue successful careers in the job market and develop into higher and top management positions. The combination of scientific theory with professional practice, research and study of the local and international markets has been proven to lead to high-level studies.

The aim of the School is to acquaint students with the business life and its activities and to broaden their professional horizons. The programmes of study are designed to prepare competent executives, top scientists and above all charismatic leaders who will successfully compete in today's demanding job market in Greece and beyond. The variety of specialisations offered –at both undergraduate and postgraduate level– allows the professional development of graduates in a number of business areas, such as marketing, human resource management, sales, finance, and in high-demand sectors in Greece, such as the tourism industry.

Over the years, the School established very important collaborations with a wide network of companies, educational institutions and professional associations in Europe and around the world, thus enhancing the academic and professional status of its graduates.

Welcome to the School which creates tomorrow's leaders!


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