Anthropistikes RedΜSc Clinical and Community Psychology


Why choose the MSc Clinical and Community Psychology?

   Accredited programme of studies in Clinical and Community Psychology offered in Greece by a UK University.
  Successful completion of programme MSc Clinical and Community Psychology at Metropolitan College leads to the award of Master of Science by the University of East London.
  Degree awarded by the University of East London which is classified 2nd in the choice of students for Psychology studies on the basis of the national student satisfaction survey in London (National Student Satisfaction Survey, London, 2014).
  Opportunity for supervised practice-based placements in the wide network of cooperating clinical settings of the College and observation of clinical cases.
  Selection of specialization during the practice-based placement (Cognitive – Behavioral Treatment or Family-Systemic Treatment).
  Attendance of relevant events and seminars by highly-acclaimed psychologists.
  Development of student’s clinical skills through relevant activities in class (seminars, experiental workshops, etc).
  Flexible class schedule ideal for working students; completion of studies within one academic year.


The Clinical and Community Psychology deals with the relations of the individual with the community and society in general. The professional community psychologists seek to understand the quality of life of individuals, communities and societies, aiming at improving the quality of life through research and action.

The Community Psychology uses diverse theories outside and within the science of Psychology, in order to analyze critical issues related to communities, the relations between them and the behaviors of the individuals towards them. It is a combination of science, theory and clinical knowledge aiming at the understanding, prediction and relief of psychological stress and pychological problems and the promotion of health and individual development. At the core of its practice we find psychological assessment and psychotherapy, although clinical psychologists engage as well in research, education and counselling.

The MSc Clinical and Community Psychology aims at providing the theoretical and technical knowledge and experience from the basic clinical and community applications of Psychology science. It combines theory with clinical practice and research. It provides high quality, up to date theoretical training, practice and research in Clinical and Community Psychology, and education centred on the historical, social, political and cultural factors affecting the application of the science.

Duration: 1 year
Language of instruction: Greek


Career Prospects

The MSc Clinical and Community Psychology aims at training professional Psychologists, able to pursue a successful career in the area of Clinical and Community Psychology. Graduates of the programme will have a significant competitive advantage and the background in order to:

      • Get a job in professional educational programmes (e.g. Clinical Psychology, Counselling or Educational Psychology).
      • Work in centres, companies and organizations where the presence and engagement of experts or research staff is required.
      • Continue their training in order to acquire further skills on clinical assessment and intervention.
      • Continue their studies at doctoral level.


  • Core Modules

    • Clinical and Community Psychology: Theory and Practice
    • Research Methodology and Dissertation
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Theory
    • Family - Systemic Therapy: Theory
Electives [2 placement modules]

  • Placement module in Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies or
  • Placement module in Family & Systemic Therapies





Admission requirements

The programme is addressed to a wide range of graduates and professionals with relevant degrees or experience in the field of Human Sciences and Health Sciences, who wish to advance professionally in the field of Clinical and Community Psychology.

Required documentation:  

    • Copy of University degree issued by Greek or foreign Universities in Psychology, Community Psychology, Counselling, Education, Nursing, Medicine or other related subject area of the Humanities or Health Sciences.
    • At least two years professional experience in the field (desirable not compulsory)
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Copy of Identity Card
    • Passport-sized photos
    • Copy of English language certificate (if required)
    • Other certificates/degrees
    • AMC Application Form
A personal interview complements the evaluation of the above documentation.

Candidates without a degree, but with relevant professional experience and proven knowledge of the subject matter are encouraged to apply.

Academic Staff

The academic staff of the School of Humanities consists of distinguished lecturers, holders of  Masters and PhD degrees with extensive research and teaching experience at Greek and foreign Universities plus professional  recognition in their field of expertise.

In their majority they also work in various settings, institutions, clinics, hospitals, schools, nurseries, NGOs, private companies, etc. as psychologists, education experts, special educators, etc. and have extensive professional experience in their field of expertise who can familiarize students with the latest methods and help them put to practice the theoretical knowledge they acquire in class.


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