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Participation of Thessaloniki Metropolitan College at the 27th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Statistics, co-organized by the University of Macedonia and the Aristotle University.

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The postgraduate student of the Department of Economics & Management of Thessaloniki Metropolitan College Mr. Georgios Hatzigiannakis and Professor Dr. Theodore Spyridis presented two studies at the 27th Pan-Hellenic Conference on statistics, held in Thessaloniki from 23 to 26 April 2014 , entitled " ANALYSIS OF LARGE DATA - ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS » ("BIG DATA ANALYSIS - BUSINESS ANALYTICS").

More specifically, the first study entitled «The Influence of shop windows in Consumer Behavior» was presented in the Conference's section entitled «Statistical Data Analysis», while the second study entitled «Study on the relationship between banking sector and the sectors of construction, food, beverage and industrial products for the period 2007-2011» was presented in the Conference's section entitled « Prediction - Time Series».

The main objective of the conference was the development and dissemination of statistics methodology and its applications on managing large data.