Lecture by the internationally renowned speech-language pathologist Marissa Barrera

marissa newsThe students on the Speech and Language Therapy programme at Metropolitan College had the opportunity to attend a lecture by the internationally renowned speech-language pathologist Marissa Barrera, CCC-SLP from Yeshiva University in New York, who specializes in dysphagia. The lecture was titled: ‘Feeding & Swallowing Disorders: Overview & Implementation of available therapeutic techniques’. The students found the whole experience very positive, as they had the opportunity to get introduced to innovative techniques, to come into contact with the application of speech therapy in another country and to formulate their questions through an interesting and interactive process.

The lecture was delivered in the context of the collaboration in place between the department of Logopaedics at Metropolitan College and the department of Speech & Language Pathology at Yeshiva University in New York. The key objective of this collaboration between the two educational institutions is the development of research and professional skills of students through an intercultural teaching method.