Be Inspired by Greece: Filmmaking - made in Greece

Basic filmmaking techniques to create your own film.  

The programme introduces participants to basic filmmaking techniques which will enable them to create their own film.

Emphasis will be placed on directing the camera for visual storytelling, with hands-on practical training in our studio utilizing our production and post-production equipment along with our access to casting well-trained actors. Outdoors shooting and training will take place in the centre of the cultural melting pot of Athens as well as in ancient and Byzantine locales to be used in their fictional or non-fictional projects.


Learning Outcomes and Goals

Participants will learn fundamental techniques of filmmaking:

  • The use of camera and editing sound and image.
  • Rehearsing and staging scene with actors.
  • Covering a scene with camera angles.
  • Visual continuity.

Participants will also:

  • Gain knowledge of the elements of storytelling techniques.
  • Apply their knowledge by creating their own short film in the back drop of various sites in Greece.
  • Be exposed to glimpses of culture marvels of Greece.
  • Develop their personal views and ideas towards art and architecture.

Highlights & Advantages  

  • Hands-on experience with cameras, actors and production studios.
  • The sparkling sea, the see-through sky and the unique light in Greece are at your disposal to shoot your film.
  • Site visits (out-of-class experiences that supplement lectures as an integral part of the programme): Ancient Greek Archeological sites, Byzantine monasteries and seaside nautical villages.
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