Introduction to Shipping 

Acquire vital knowledge and skills in Shipping Management 

"Introduction to Shipping" is a programme that deals with the technical, economic and legal frameworks within which daily vital components of general shipping management operate. 

During the programme, participants will be exposed to the key business fundamentals of managing across the industry so that they understand the key role of shipping in the development of international trade and the world economy. They will also gain a wide range of knowledge on subjects such as financial and economic risks surrounding the maritime industry, conventions and regulations, alternative forms of vessel employment.


Learning Outcomes and Goals

On completion of this introductory course, participants shall acquire a fundamental knowledge and be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the shipping industry as a global economic activity.
  • Recognize the importance of safety and its implications for the maritime industry.
  • Describe the nature of financial and economic risks surrounding the maritime industry.
  • Understand the role of maritime organizations legislating for the maritime industry.
  • Realize the impact of the various shipping conventions and regulations.
  • Develop a sound understanding of the Marine Insurance Market.
  • Appraise the critical activities in purchasing and selling ships.
  • Understand the alternative forms of vessel employment.
  • Evaluate trends in specific sectors of the maritime industry.
  • Identify current and future challenges of shipping industry.

Highlights & Advantages 

  • Ships and Cargoes [Description – Technical Specifications]
  • World Shipping Markets [Description-Differences]
  • Commercial Management of Ships [Different types of ship employment ]
  • Maritime Law [Contracts of Sea Carriage-Maritime Regulations]
  • Marine Insurance [Hull, Machinery and Cargo Insurance – Lloyd’s Insurance Market]
  • Current and future Challenges of Shipping [Electronic Navigation, LNG as a fuel of ships, Ballast Water Treatment Management, Cyber Security in Shipping, Maritime Piracy, Safety and Security]
  • Site visits (out-of-class experiences that supplement lectures as an integral part of the programme).
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