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Postgraduate Courses

All of our post-graduate courses are offered in cooperation with distinguished International Universities and cover a broad range of academic and professional disciplines: Business and Economics, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Shipping, Computing, Human Sciences, Architecture and Engineering, Health Sciences and Sport Sciences. Metropolitan College delivers high quality post-graduate programmes in a nurturing environment where quality is always underpinned by the drive for excellence and the commitment to the principles of transformational education in order to enrich graduates with strong employability skills.

Why should I continue for a Masters degree?

  • Because you will have the opportunity to learn more and specialize in the chosen field of studies.
  • Because you will have the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge in a field different than the one of your undergraduate studies and broaden your way of thinking. 
  • Because you will be more competitive in today’s demanding international job market and you will be able to develop your career and reach personal and professional success. Metropolitan College, always monitoring the demands of today’s market, offers postgraduate courses of international approach and recognition and of high demand in the professional field