Metropolitan College's operation according to the precautionary measures against COVID-19 spread 

covid19educationgreeceIn compliance with the precautionary measures regarding public safety, issued by the Greek Government and in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, teachers and administration employees in its premises, all Metropolitan College campuses will remain closed and lessons will be held online.

More specifically, in accordance with the most recent ministerial decision (ΦΕΚ Β 5255, 28.11.2020), Metropolitan College's premises will remain closed and lessons continue to  be held online till new notification.

Metropolitan College has been fully prepared for such an occurrence and, in agreement with the affiliated Universities, it follows an educational model that secures the possibility of immediate adjustment to any new circumstances along with the incessant operation of all programmes. Metropolitan College will continue its operation, adjusting the way lessons are conducted as follows:

• Lessons will be taught, in their vast majority, using synchronous online learning and students will attend through MS Teams platform.
• All the lectures and the material needed for study reasons will continue to be uploaded on the online platform (Moodle), while the academic faculty will be available to answer all education related questions online.
• Concerning the laboratory lessons, Metropolitan College will adapt them to online learning conditions for as long as the new measures are in effect. 
• As an exception to the aforementioned amendments and always abiding by the relevant legislation, lectures of the senior students (only) for which online learning is not applicable, as access to specific laboratory equipment is necessary, will continue to be held at the College premises (face to face), maintaining all safety and health regulations along with the mandatory use of masks.
• As regards issues of placement, students will also receive specifications from the Clinical Coordinators of their Programme of Study.
• All Administrative services, Academic Support services registries and finance services will be operating only online. The only exception here is the libraries’ operation (physical presence) which will be suspended for as long as these measures are in effect.
• Entering the College campuses will be allowed only with the use of masks, whether in its interior or exterior areas.
• The telephone centre of the College’s Campuses will continue to operate as before for as long as the aforementioned measures will be in effect.

All students are requested to stay informed of all the updates regarding the educational community via Metropolitan College's webpage and via their student official email MS Office 365.

Thank you for the calmness, maturity and empathy you have shown while cooperating with us
in minimizing the adverse effects the virus may have on our community.