tautotita   Corporate Identity

Our students benefit from the highest possible level of tertiary education and at AMC we have the necessary expertise, academic and administrative staff and infrastructure in order to ensure this.

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The basic aspects of our Corporate Identity are presented below:

    • Metropolitan College (AMC) is a constitutive member of AKMI Educational Organization, the largest private postsecondary educational group in Greece (more than 8500 students nationwide)
    • AMC is one of the first private colleges in Greece (since 1982) and the college with the widest range of fields of study
    • All courses are specially designed to meet the demands of modern students and to facilitate their entry into the Greek and international job market
    • AMC is accredited by the British Accreditation Council [BAC] as an independent institution offering higher education and all academic degrees are recognized by NARIC
    • AMC is established as an institution of educational excellence, as it cooperates with distinguished state UK Universities
    • AMC offers highly experienced academic staff with continuous training by the collaborating institutions
    • All services offered meet the standards of the Quality Assurance Agency of the UK
    • AMC is located in a privately owned campus of 8,000 m² in Maroussi (northern suburb of Athens) with easy access from the town centre. AMC also has a 2.000 m2 branch in the heart of Piraeus and one in the city centre of Thessaloniki, in a historic building of 2.000 m².
    • State-of-the-art facilities and specialized laboratories for each programme (1.000 m² of labs), lecture theatres of 200 seats and numerous lecture rooms with the necessary a/v equipment
    • AMC offers a fully-equipped Library of thousands of titles, with access to the online libraries of the collaborating universities
    • Student Welfare: Counselling Centre, Academic Learning Centre, Career Office (links with the industry)
    • Personal Academic Tutors who ensure that individual learning needs of each student are covered
    • Student Life: training seminars and lectures, social and cultural events, Lounge Café.