anagnorismenes spoudes  Recognition of Degrees

The European Directive on Professional Qualifications

The year 2010 was a very important year for private Higher Education in Greece as degrees offered from private colleges in our country in cooperation with European Universities received full recognition, according to the directives 36/2005 of the European Communities Council. According to those directives, as of May 2010 all professional rights of the citizens of the European Union who are holders of degrees from recognised European universities (based in Member States) are equal and have exactly the same professional rights. The directive forms a completely new and promising scenery for more than 20.000 graduates of private colleges in Greece during the last years.

Degrees awarded directly by the collaborating UK Universities

The degrees that are awarded to all Metropolitan College graduates after successful completion of their studies in Greece, are awarded directly by the collaborating accredited UK Universities. Metropolitan College graduates are also entitled to attend the official Graduation Ceremony at the University campus in the UK at the end of their studies, if they wish.

Recognition of Degrees by UK ENIC

UK ENIC (the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom) is the British organization equivalent to the Greek DOATAP organization. All Metropolitan College graduates – apart from their Degree – are entitled to receive a detailed Degree Supplement and the official UK ENIC Certificate which confirms that holders of British degrees who studied at Metropolitan College in Greece should be awarded the same professional and academic rights and privileges as holders of any UK degrees.