Metropolitan College: the only College in Greece standing out for its Transnational Education practices in the recent British Council’s International Report

The Report confirms that Metropolitan College remains the largest UK TNE provider in Greece and presents the College’s iconic initiatives concerning the fields of research and sustainability.

Metropolitan College, the leading College for University Studies in Greece, stood out in the British Council’s International Report “The Value of Transnational Education Partnerships” for setting high standards in this type of education in our country.

The Report confirms Metropolitan College’s position as the largest UK Transnational Education (TNE) provider in Greece. Additionally, it acclaims the College’s activity for the implementation of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs related to the sustainability, equality, diversity, education methods and research. It is worth mentioning that Metropolitan College is the only College from Greece depicted in the British Council’s report.

The British Council’s report mentions and highlights 3 major initiatives by Metropolitan College, presented as case studies, that prove Transnational Education’s impact in the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs development.

British Council’s Report honours Metropolitan College for the following interesting facts: 

1. As the largest UK Transnational Education (TNE) provider in Greece, Metropolitan College has developed a plethora of activities that make education more accessible to all students.

The British Council Report highlights the Metropolitan College initiative to educate 300 women entrepreneurs in the tourism industry with the support of 40 volunteers from across the college’s stakeholder groups (mature students, staff and alumni), who acted as trainers and mentors. You may see the reference in page 28 of the original document, here.

2. The Report presents a series of examples by UK Universities representatives who corfirm that the research and teaching methods of their transnational collaborations improved the levels of sustainability in the partner countries.

In this part, the Report presented the project of the Metropolitan College Architecture & Urban Design postgraduate students concerning the remediation and sustainable regeneration of post-industrial sites in the ancient town of Eleusina, located 20 miles outside of Athens, Greece. The area concentrates the largest density of industrial activity in the country and in the last 30 years it was considered one of the most polluted areas in the Mediterranean Sea.

The proposals created by the students have been presented to the local authorities and to the local community and have been listed for an exhibition as part of the ELEUSINA Cultural Capital of Europe (2023). You may see the reference in page 49 of the original document, here.

3. Metropolitan College is presented as the only College in Greece that is not primarily interested in TNE for revenue maximisation. Instead, it has developed a diversified agenda focusing on research activity and susainability practices, beyond economic objectives.

As a confirmation, the Report refers to Metropolitan College as a Member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. You may see the reference in page 53 of the original document, here.

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