New strategic memorandum between Metropolitan College and University of East London

Reinforcing our successful partnership with UEL, new memorandum aims to further improve student experience and study opportunities.

The University of East London (UEL) and Metropolitan College (MC), the leading college for university studies and largest UK TNE provider in Greece, have signed a strategic partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will raise the quality, range and accessibility of transnational education for students in Greece.

The MOU shall continue to 31 August 2027 and will include a joint transnational education strategy between both universities. The partnership will also involve collaborative activities such as working together on marketing, improving student outcomes, research, staff and student exchanges and global experiences.

Transnational education allows students to study at international universities while they still live in their home or base country.

The University of East London and Metropolitan College first established a partnership in 2011.

After recognising the demand for international higher education, Metropolitan College and the University of East London began working closer together and through this partnership they will bring additional study opportunities to students in Greece.

Today, the University of East London is now the largest transnational education provider in Greece, offering around 60 courses in both English and Greek, across eight campuses, reaching around 4,000 students.

The MOU was signed at the graduation ceremony of Thessaloniki Campus at Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall, where Dr Paul Marshall, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Careers & Enterprise), Dimitris Diamantis, Principal and Robert Pefanis, Vice Principal External and Public Affairs at Metropolitan College signed the document.

In a joint statement, the University of East London and Metropolitan College, said, “We are delighted to sign this strategic partnership and combine our ambitious goals in helping our students expand their international horizons and fulfil their global potential by taking part in one of our many opportunities to volunteer, study and work overseas.

Through this partnership, we will create a range of programmes to provide enriching and reciprocal learning opportunities that will include masterclasses, staff exchanges and research collaborations.

This is just the first step in what will become an ambitious programme of Transnational Education leading to experiences that will shape and sharpen our students’ perspectives as they set out on their exciting career journeys.”

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