Pennsylvania State University Hospitality students attended Greek Food Workshop at Metropolitan College

Students attended a special food workshop that took place in Athens Campus Tourism Labs.

Metropolitan College Athens Campus had the pleasure to welcome and host a faculty-led group of Hospitality Management students from Pennsylvania State University.

Particularly, 20+ students, ranged from first-year to fourth-year, visited Metropolitan College to attend “Greek Food Workshop, a special cooking lab session which took place inside the Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality labs which are located in Athens Campus. Workshop was presented and all foods were prepared by chef Michael Zacharis.

This activity was part of the Hospitality Management course’s educational trip in Greece, during their stay in Athens. The one-week international experience is Greece aimed to provide Pennsylvania University students the opportunity to learn about Greece and its renowned hospitality tradition. Their itinerary included activities such as hotels touring, meeting with hospitality executives, as well as, government officials, participating in cooking labs, and touring many of the famous Athens sites.

This visit also reinforces educational relationships between Metropolitan College and international universities. At the same time, projects are related and aligned with Metropolitan College’s vision to be a global academic hub where learners, academics and partners will promote new ideas, discoveries and applications that will have global impact.

A few words about Penn State School of Hospitality Management:

The Penn State School of Hospitality Management began in 1937 and is one of the oldest in the country. As a research institution, it offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and is recognized as a top program in graduate education. The School of Hospitality Management has expanded its international opportunities in recent years and now offers a variety of international experiences that range from one week to a full semester abroad. The International Studies and Students Program have been honored in 2018 with the Outstanding Program Award by Penn State University.

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