Up to date Bachelor’s courses from top International Universities.

Metropolitan College is one of the leading providers of Higher Education in Greece, and offers a broad range of undergraduate academic courses that are specially-designed to meet the demands of students and lead to contemporary technical and scientific knowledge.

The programmes of study respond to the current demands and skills of a successfully productive employee and facilitate the entry of our graduates into the Greek and international job market. By delivering high quality courses in scientific fields of the highest demand in the local and international job market, in an academically challenging environment, Metropolitan College and its partner international Universities manifest their commitment to academic excellence and demonstrate their belief in the principles of transformational education. Within this context, Metropolitan College always seeks to attract and retain faculty with top-notch academic credentials and an outstanding track record in teaching, student mentoring and research. All our undergraduate courses can lead students to continue their studies in a post-graduate level in Greece or abroad, in any institution of their choice.

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Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education


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