MA Creative Writing


Degree from a top International University


Master of Arts degree from the Oxford Brookes University

Top authors - teaching staff


Taught by top, award-winning authors

Creation of professional portfolio


Mandatory creation of real projects (news bulletins, reports, polls, debates, TV shows, print, blog etc.)

Expert evaluation


Students’ projects are directly evaluated by leading publishers

Specialisation in 6+ writing genres


Poetry, fiction, theatre, TV script, film script, biography etc.

Training through workshops


Productive collaboration between students and teachers

How to make a living from creative writing!


Enhancing professional skills in the fields of advertising, public speaking, journalism, editing etc.

Creative Writing Support Centre


A support service for the individual needs of every student

“Author’s Corner”


Collaboration with top authors on a weekly basis

Greek curriculum


Ability to study entirely in Greek

Flexible class schedule


Ideal timetable for working students and completion of studies in one academic year.


The MA Creative Writing at Metropolitan College, is considered to be one of the best postgraduate programmes in Creative Writing worldwide. In an environment of collaboration and interaction that revolves around creative writing, the programme’s goal is to provide students with insightful, sometimes demanding, but always supportive feedback to create the right conditions for writing.

The MA Creative Writing is offered in collaboration with the British Oxford Brookes University and has received international recognition. In particular, Philip Pullman, English author of the popular trilogy His Dark Materials, has stated: “Among the Creative Writing programmes that I have seen – and I have seen quite a lot of them – the one at Oxford Brookes is certainly one of the best”.

The MA Creative Writing covers a wide range of Creative Writing genres, such as poetry, fiction, theatre, TV script, film script, biography, etc., even completely personal or non-mainstream literary genres. The academic team consists of popular, award-winning active authors (Manina Zoumboulaki, Christos Kythreotis, Amanda Michalopoulou, Giannis Baskozos, Christos Oikonomou, Eftychia Panagiotou, Kallia Papadaki) who will initiate student in the “tricks of the trade”, in order to produce publication-worthy writing. They are also responsible for providing feedback in every class so that students can have an idea of how their writing style is evolving.

The curriculum prioritises practice over theory, and it is entirely focused on the production of creative writing. Through ongoing workshops, every student has the opportunity to be heard and to listen, to be read and to read, joining forces with their teachers and fellow students in a productive manner.

At the same time, by virtue of the “How to make a living from creative writing” initiative, the MA Creative Writing organises an annual cycle of workshops to enhance the employment skills bestowed by creative writing (in advertising, public speaking, journalism, editing etc.). Also, every student has the opportunity to be directly evaluated by leading publishers.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to provide aspiring writers with the key to unlock the gates to literary success.

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  • Creative Writing Studio
  • Creative Writing Project
  • Narrative
  • Poetry
  • Writing Voice
  • Writing Lives
  • Independent Study Module
  • How to make a living from Creative Writing (seminar cycle)



Career Prospects

The MA Creative Writing is addressed to those who wish to follow a career as writers, allowing them to explore endless possibilities as they develop their knowledge on different genres and writing styles. The following is a non-exhaustive list of future career prospects, that may be directly or indirectly linked to certain areas of creative writing:

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Blogger
  • Sketch writer
  • Children’s writer
  • Communication Consultant
  • Cultural Advisor
  • Critic
  • Historiographer
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Linguist
  • Literary Editor
  • Magazine Writer
  • Marketing Director
  • Media Correspondent
  • Director of Non-Profit Organisations
  • Publisher
  • Teacher
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Speech Coach
  • Speech Writer
  • Travel Author
  • Translator

Admission Requirements 

This programme is addressed to graduates and amateur writers who wish to advance professionally in the field of creative writing.

Candidates who do not possess an undergraduate degree but wish to be evaluated based on a high-quality sample of creative writing are encouraged to apply for the programme.

Required documentation:

  • Bachelor’s degree from higher education institutions in Greece or abroad
  • Portfolio of samples of creative writing
  • ID Card
  • Other degrees (if any)
  • Metropolitan College Application Form

The evaluation of the above supporting documents is completed by an academic interview. Candidates who do not have a first degree but wish to be evaluated based on a sample of high-quality creative writing output, are strongly encouraged.

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