MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology


Greek curriculum


Ability to fully study in Greek

Degree from a top International University


Master of Science from University of East London, the 1st university in the world to offer a Master’s degree combined with positive psychology and coaching psychology

Innovative Master’s degree


The first and only postgraduate course offered in Greece that combines Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Accredited by the EMCC


MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology is accredited at Master Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Applied master’s degree


Emphasises on experiential learning, so students can acquire self-awareness and the ability to implement practical skills.

Immediate job prospects


Graduates will be among the first specialists in positive psychology in Europe and the first in the field of positive psychology and coaching psychology.

High employability


The programme increases the employability of coaches, positive psychologists, consultants, specialists in special education and development, educators of all levels, health professionals and executives.


Metropolitan College offers the first university-level master’s degree that combines Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. The program is designed by pioneers in the field of positive psychology around Europe; it is an innovative education programme for anyone wishing to promote psychological well-being in various work and contexts.

The synthesis of these two approaches creates an interesting mixture: in terms of positive psychology, the programme adopts a solid base of modern research and theory in relation to psychological well-being; in terms of coaching, the programme trains students to a high degree, so they can work with clients and teams. Both sectors share a humanistic approach and both delve into abilities. Both sectors are something different and alternative to the “medical model” that usually dominates psychology. In general, the programme supports the culture of the multidimensional professional that has the skills and knowledge to improve and promote persons and/or organisational/business frameworks.

The programme makes use of various teaching and learning methods, so that students can develop active hearing and reflection techniques, and acquiring teaching results. Students have the opportunity to participate in innovative research programmes and develop new interventions in the field of positive psychology; in addition, experiential learning is encouraged, so that students become more reflective, with self-awareness and the ability to implement practical skills.

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  • Perspectives on Individual well-being (Mental Wealth)
  • Coaching Theory and Practice
  • Flourishing within organizational systems
  • Research in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology 1
  • Research in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology 2
  • Positive Leadership and Professional Coaching



Career Prospects

Graduates of MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology usually work as:

  • Business consultants, specialised in changing and transforming organisations and businesses
  • Professionals in human resources management and managers, who can boost their career prospects through this programme
  • Life and career coaches
  • Specialised staff in charities and NGOs

Furthermore, the programme is suitable for:

  • Accredited clinical psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, medical doctors and nurses who wish to implement the theory and the techniques of positive psychology at work.
  • Educators working at every level
  • Social workers

Admission Requirements 

The programme is aimed at a wide variety of graduates and professionals of several fields (psychology, sociology, social work, social policy, education, business administration, human resources management, medicine, nursing, etc.), who wish to develop professionally in the area of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Required documentation:

  • Copy of University degree (issued by Greek or foreign Universities in the aforementioned subject areas, with a minimum 2.2 classification or equivalent from the Greek or other education system)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Other certificates/degrees
  • MC Application Form

A personal interview complements the evaluation of the above documentation.

Candidates without a degree, but with relevant professional experience and proven knowledge of the subject matter are encouraged to apply.

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