"SHIPPING LEADERS IN RESIDENCE": Seminar on the Human Factor in Shipping

Shipping Leaders human news"SHIPPING LEADERS IN RESIDENCE" of the Metropolitan College School of Shipping and Maritime Studies continued with great success, with a brand new seminar on "The Human Factor in Shipping", which took place on February 28th at the College’s campus in Maroussi, Athens.

The invited speakers of the seminar were:

► Lt. (in retirement) Venetia Kallipolitou, Deputy Managing Director of Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A. Ms. Kallipolitou presented a lecture entitled "Ship ashore human interface".
► Capt. Aggelos Philoilias, Fleet Operations Manager of Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A., who presented a lecture on "The Human Element par excellence in Shipping".

As Mrs Kallipolitou mentioned in her lecture, outlining a map of Greek shipping:

"We are - at least at European Union level - the only country with so many destinations, so many shipping links, so many ships and millions of passengers traveling by sea, but what we have become known for, we have gained fame and we are talking about the "Greek miracle" and the so-called Greeks, is our pioneer Shipping. We are talking about 15,000 active Greek seafarers and about 200,000 onshore jobs. So, we can easily understand the dynamics of the shipping sector."
Capt. Philoilias also mentioned:

"The sky is the limit! It is up to you to show excellence and promote yourself. Today we are facing a shortage of officers on board ships and officers working at our offices."
It is worth mentioning that, within the framework of the annual "SHIPPING LEADERS IN RESIDENCE", the School of Shipping and Maritime Studies of Metropolitan College hosts leading figures and prominent personalities of the shipping industry throughout the year, who share their long experience with the students and the general public. Hosted lectures concern a different subject each time, directly related to the shipping industry and the nautical reality, but also related to the latest developments, trends and challenges of the industry worldwide.