SHIPPING LEADERS IN RESIDENCE: "The Ship from Newbuilding to Scrap"


Metropolitan College's Maritime Academy welcomed a leading figure coming from the shipping industry for a lecture addressed to Maritime Business students and graduates. Mr. Panagiotis Leontis, Managing Director of INTERSHIP MARITIME, in the context of "SHIPPING LEADERS IN RESIDENCE" institution, gave an interesting lecture on the topic "The Ship from Newbuilding to Scrap". 

It is worth mentioning that, within the framework of "SHIPPING LEADERS IN RESIDENCE" institution, the School of Shipping and Maritime Studies of Metropolitan College hosts leading figures and prominent personalities of the shipping industry throughout the year, who share their long experience with the students and the general public. Hosted lectures concern a different subject each time, directly related to the shipping industry and the nautical reality, but also related to the latest developments, trends and challenges of the industry worldwide.