Innovation Management & Corporate Entrepreneurship Executive Education Course

A Top Executive Education Programme from one of the best Business Schools in Europe, delivered in Greece for the 1st time


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Warwick Business School is one of the best Business Schools in Europe: 2nd in the UK, 16th in Europe in the Financial Times’ annual ranking of European Business Schools (2022)

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Warwick Business School is 5th in the UK and 37th in the world in the Financial Times’ Executive Education Rankings 2022

Advance your Career


This course will enable you to develop a strategic approach to innovation and entrepreneurship within your organisation

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Choose this top Executive Education Programme from one of the best Business Schools in Europe and advance your career, by developing a strategic approach to innovation and entrepreneurship within your organisation.

Environmental dynamism, competitive rivalry, globalisation, and technological change all conspire to make even the most conservative and stable of industries uncertain, ambiguous and difficult to navigate. Surviving and thriving demands the ability to continuously adapt to this changing landscape. To prosper, you need an organisational imperative and capacity to innovate. The ‘gales of creative destruction’ are a positive force for economic development, but also represent a critical challenge for leaders and managers of organisations. How are you embedding innovation and entrepreneurship in your business?

“This programme will allow you to develop a strategic approach to innovation and entrepreneurship within your organisation, giving you the practical tools to apply straight to your work. There is no one way of doing this, but this course will give you the ability to identify the variables that matter and create the structure, processes and culture needed in your organisation to create an innovative and entrepreneurial company.”

James Hayton
Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Course Director


The Innovation Management & Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme is an immersive three-day executive course. The programme will give you practical and actionable learning, allowing you to engineer processes toward innovation and not just execution. The focus will be on de-risking the process through small experiments, to fail fast and learn. Alongside innovative processes you will explore how to generate rewards for innovation, empowering teams and managers with the skills they need to engage in these behaviours.

Over three distinct days you will learn both theory and practice, while working on your personal innovation initiatives. How you learn on the course will inform how you create specific outcomes for your organisation, and will include:

■ Cutting-edge case studies
■ Immersive interactive tools
■ Peer-to-peer discussions

Day 1

  • Building strategic ambidexterity
  • Adopting an ‘entrepreneurial orientation’
  • Exploring your innovation value chain
  • Seeing into the future(s)




Day 2

  • Design thinking for better solutions
  • Neutralise organisational ‘antibodies’
  • Lean start-up for Corporate Entrepreneurs

Day 3

  • Navigating new opportunities
  • Building a holistic culture
  • Creating an innovation supportive organisation

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the key aspects of organisational context that drive an innovation strategy and its execution
  • Discover contemporary tools and processes for identifying new ideas for value creation, opportunity evaluation, and developing and testing ideas
  • Explore what user-centric design and innovation mean in practice and what the implications are for organisational culture and design
  • Learn how leadership and organisational culture shape an organisation’s capacity for being innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Apply tools for gathering data based insights about innovative capabilities in organisations
  • Analyse any organisational context for its innovative capabilities (strategy, processes and culture) and be prepared to make evidence based recommendations

Who is the course for

The Innovation Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme is for companies or individuals who are looking to ensure their organisation promotes an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

This may include:

  • Senior managers and executives
  • Larger SMEs (50+ employees)
  • Mid-sized and larger organisations
  • For-profit, not-for-profit, and public sector organisations

Our Expertise

As the pace of change quickens, innovation is key for any organisation to stay ahead while entrepreneurship skills – the heartbeat of any economy – are becoming increasingly sought after as the fourth industrial revolution takes hold.  We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the world for the better. We are recognised for our outstanding research that spans disciplinary boundaries and is published in top journals. We employ exceptional faculty that challenge convention. We embrace diversity, pluralism and different perspectives.

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James Hayton, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

James’ research focuses on how human resource management practices foster organisations’ capacity for entrepreneurship and strategic renewal. In a second stream he focuses on the influence of cultural and psychological factors on entrepreneurial behaviour. His research has been published in scholarly outlets such as the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Human Resource Management, Organizational Research Methods, Multivariate Behavioral Research, R&D Management and several other journals and books. James serves as Editor-in-Chief at Human Resource Management, included in the Financial Times shortlist of influential management journals. He is also an Editor at Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, and a member of the editorial boards of Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management Review, and the Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, and an active member of the Academy of Management. In 2009, he received a Distinguished Service Award from the Human Resources Division.


Research Interests

(1) The applied psychology of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, particularly the intersections among culture, dispositions, motives, and cognitions with respect to entrepreneurial action.

(2) Strategic Human Resource Management, and especially the application of HRM practices to the development of entrepreneurial capabilities in established organisations.