Faculty of Psychology

Welcome to the Faculty that aspires to make our world a better place!

The Faculty of Psychology of Metropolitan College offers modern university courses - Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD - with strong, people-oriented content, in a wide range of specialisation in the field of Psychology that focuses on humans and their behaviour within the broader social framework: Clinical Psychology, Business Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology and Coaching, Child Psychology.

The mission of the Faculty of Psychology of Metropolitan College is to develop well-rounded mental health professionals, capable of psychological support and scientific research. Students train in documenting, understanding and interpreting human behaviour and its aspects, and to identify the various factors that affects it. The university courses are offered in collaboration with the University of London, a top Psychology studies British University, and they are people-oriented. Some of their main characteristics are the theoretical education of students, their familiarisation with the application of modern methods and scientific research.

The scientific infrastructure of students is strengthened by obtaining professional experience through practice-based placement, giving graduates the necessary professional skills for their inclusion in the job market and a successful career in their field, both in Greece and abroad.

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Members of the leading Psychological Societies



Accreditation by leading International Organisations



Recognised Studies


Ability to join the British Psychological Society (BPS)

Practice-based placement


Gain experience in private and public mental health institutions



Attend seminars by renowned academics and professional psychologists




Leukothea Piliou

BSc (Hons) Psychology & ΜSc Clinical & Community Psychology graduate

“One of the most interesting experiences I had as a Metropolitan College Psychology student was during my placement. As a clinical practitioner I had the opportunity to discover several psychotherapy therapeutic methods through real cases”.

Ioanna Gkertsou

Student, Professional Doctorate in Psychology with Counselling Practice

«As a vision impaired person, Metropolitan College is a place where acceptance, inclusion and accessibility are highly considered. As for my studies, nothing is left in chance. Every class or workshop is an enlightening experience”.

Anthi Soumbenioti

Student, BSc (Hons) Psychology

“I can contact the professors directly, any issue is resolved through a special psychologist within the College. Also, through Sessions, we have the chance to collaborate and discuss with leaders in our field, and to be awarded with a highly scientific degree”.

Fenia Kyriakou

Student, MSc Clinical & Community Psychology

“Due to the great experience I had during my undergraduate studies in Psychology at Metropolitan College, I decided to continue with my postgraduate studies here. MSc in Clinical & Community Psychology is a course that “gives us wings” and boost our careers as Psychologists”.

Zefi Papagianni

Student, MSc Business Psychology

“My experience at Metropolitan College has been excellent. The course I am attending is helping me grow both professionally and personally. Without doubt, the academic staff has been a great part of that, as they convey their knowledge successfully.”

Ioanna Skliami

Student, BSc (Hons) Psychology

“The modern facilities, the structure and the professors, who strive to provide us with knowledge and anything we might need in the future, make me feel familiar and enjoy every moment of my student life.”

Irene Kalogeropoulou

Student MSc Psychology

“Critical thinking and creativity are the greatest gift my studies gave me. My goal is to work in research, in particular cognitive psychology”.

Ioanna Marmarou

Student, MSc Clinical and Community Psychology

“In addition to my studies, I have attended several specialised seminars at Metropolitan College, and as a result of #lectures in English, I have learned the international terminology in Psychology, and I can therefore work abroad”.

Konstantinos Tatsis

Student, MA Counselling & Psychotherapy

“Metropolitan College was my first choice for beginning my ‘journey’ in Psychology. The campus facilities remind me of Colleges outside Greece. It also has very modern rooms, an up-to-date and spacious library and – most important – professors that can keep their students interested and motivated, and promote research as a means of development”.

Argyro Katheri

Graduate, MSc in Business Psychology

“The course I chose at Metropolitan College helped me determine exactly what I want to work on, in this huge field called “business”. Studying at Metropolitan College equips you with important knowledge which, if properly utilised, you are sure to gain a lot”.

Stella Roussou

Student, MSc in Business Psychology

“In addition to the fact that my studies are in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed University of East London, the professors at Metropolitan College are excellent. With the help of my professors, I gained a lot, and I came in contact with a wide range of disciplines that provided me with knowledge, confidence and professional credibility”.

Chua Hui Ting

Graduate student, BSc (Hons) Psychology

“Acquiring knowledge in the field I love and being taught by such excellent professors is the best part of my studies at Metropolitan College!”

Maria Kalyva

Student, ΜΑ Counselling & Psychotherapy

“The curriculum offers a comprehensive educational and training package, with specialised workshops and practice-based placement that provide us with well-rounded skills and prepare us ethically for our profession. During my studies, I had the opportunity to do my placement at the psychiatric clinic of the Military Hospital – a unique experience for which I am grateful!”

Asimina Isoufi

Student, BSc (Hons) Psychology

“Studies in Metropolitan College have been a great experience so far and the optimum choice for my future in Psychology. The programme of study is the perfect combination of theory and practice. Furthermore, every member of the academic stuff is standing next to us to help us reach our goals”.

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