Graduate School

Masters, PhDs and research opportunities

The Graduate School of the Metropolitan College offers Master’s courses which are in high demand in the labour market, as well as PhDs and extensive research opportunities, in collaboration with prominent International Universities.

All Master’s courses are selected on the basis of the latest developments in each discipline and meet the needs of the modern labour market. The PhD programmes give our students the opportunity to broaden their scientific horizons and the possibility to choose their future academic career path. Furthermore, the research activity of the Metropolitan College in collaboration with Universities, research institutions and organisations from around the world offers a plethora of opportunities for participation in international conferences, scientific studies and presentations of research papers.

The Metropolitan College’s Master’s Degrees are offered in collaboration with International Universities and are categorised in 10 Faculties covering a wide range of disciplines: Business Administration, IT, Psychology, Law, Pedagogy, Health sciences, Tourism, Shipping, Architecture & Engineering, Culture Sciences and Sport Sciences.

The postgraduate courses are aimed at those who have obtained undergraduate degrees and professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in a specific field, gain applied knowledge regarding the needs of businesses, or specialise in a different field than that of their initial studies. The courses are offered entirely in Greece and more specifically in 8 locations: Athens, Maroussi, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Heraklion – Crete, Rhodes, Larissa and Patra.



The PhD programmes of the Metropolitan College are offered in collaboration with prominent International Universities.

All doctoral dissertations are supervised by a team consisting of academics of the Metropolitan College and the respective collaborating University. Degrees are awarded directly by the collaborating universities and offer extensive prospects for an international academic career.



Aiming to promote scientific research and the generation of new knowledge, the Metropolitan College - along with the university courses offered - also has rich research activity.

In collaboration with International Universities and organisations, every year the Metropolitan College holds international conferences on a wide range of scientific fields and has established research institutes within its premises. It encourages and supports student participation in National and International scientific conferences and events, aiming at the expansion of their academic and professional knowledge, networking with renowned scientists and professionals from their field, as well as coming into direct contact with the market pulse and needs. Furthermore, it also participates as a partner in a number of European research programmes along with institutions and Universities from around the world.

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