International Conferences, Research Projects and Institutes.

Aiming to promote scientific research and the generation of new knowledge, the Metropolitan College - along with the university courses offered - also has rich research activity.

In collaboration with International Universities and organisations, every year the Metropolitan College organises international conferences on a wide range of scientific fields and has established research institutes within its premises. It encourages and supports student participation in National and International scientific conferences and events, aiming at the expansion of their academic and professional knowledge, networking with renowned scientists and professionals from their field, as well as coming into direct contact with the market pulse and needs. Furthermore, it also participates as a partner in a number of European research programmes along with institutions and Universities from around the world.


The Metropolitan College organises international conferences on a wide range of scientific fields, in collaboration with Universities and institutions from all over the world.

The goal of the conferences is to promote interdisciplinary knowledge and inform participants about the latest developments in their scientific fields of interest. Furthermore, they are an important opportunity for our students, as they enable them to broaden their horizons, participate in research groups, present papers and meet internationally renowned scientists from their field.


The Metropolitan College collaborates with international Universities and institutions for conducting research and participates as a partner in European programmes.

The research projects it participates in are carried out in collaboration with institutions from all over the world and cover a wide range of disciplines, such as IT, cybersecurity, data science, health sciences, business administration, human sciences, etc.

Having established courses related to Health Sciences and Human Sciences in Greece, the Metropolitan College founded the Institute of Occupational Science and Rehabilitation (IOSR).

IOSR’s objective is to become a source of interdisciplinary collaboration and research in Occupational Science as well as Rehabilitation, and, ultimately, promote knowledge and experience in order to improve people’s functionality and well-being.

Center for Instruction, Research, and Technology ( C.I.R.T.) is a Metropolitan College initiative to provide a wide variety of instructional tools and, therefore, enhance the faculty teaching methods, the research procedure, as well as, students' academic learning.

Aiming to facilitate the academic mission of Metropolitan College’s Graduate School, which focuses on the provision of high-quality specialised education based on applied science and research,C.I.R.T. supports core research computing services.

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