Accredited Studies 

Accredited degrees from prominent International Universities

The Metropolitan College offers accredited courses of International Universities in Greece. 

The university courses offered fall under the current provisions on the process of accreditation of professional qualifications, as laid down in current legislation and set out by the Ministry of Education. The competent authority for issuing the relevant decisions is the Independent Department for the Implementation of European Legislation (Α.Τ.Ε.Ε.Ν.) of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.



Establishment & operating licence by the Ministry of Education

The Metropolitan College has obtained an official establishment and operating licence by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, in accordance with Law 3696/2008. The establishment licence was published in Government Gazette no 1532 of 27 July 2009 and the Ministerial Decision no is 76601/Δ6 for Athens and 76602/Δ6 for Thessaloniki. Respectively, the official operating licence was published in Government Gazette no 2138 of October 1st, 2009, and the relevant Ministerial Decision no is 120783/Δ6 for Athens and 120785/Δ6 for Thessaloniki. Following the completion of the audit procedure required by the Ministry of Education, in April 2019 the Metropolitan College obtained a new operating licence, pursuant to Law 3848/2010 on Centres of Post-Secondary Education (ΚΕΜΕ).


BAC certification

In January 2019, the Metropolitan College obtained once again the official certification by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), as an independent institution providing higher education. This certification is provided following rigorous inspection in all areas of operation of the institution, including the academic and administrative personnel, facilities, the quality of internal operating and coordination procedures, the academic courses provided, the technical resources and equipment available, as well as student support services.


Degrees accredited by the British Institution ENIC

All graduates of British university courses offered at the Metropolitan College have the opportunity upon completion of their studies to also obtain – apart from their degree – accreditation by the British organisation UK ENIC (UK National Recognition Information Centre), a body similar to the Hellenic National Recognition and Information Centre (DOATAP). UK ENIC is responsible for verifying and certifying that degrees (undergraduate and postgraduate) awarded to graduates of Greek colleges are completely equal in terms of professional and academic rights in Great Britain to those awarded to graduates of the same university who completed their studies in the UK.


Hellenic Colleges Association (HCA)

The Metropolitan College is a member of the Hellenic Colleges Association (HCA), which was founded and has been operating since June 1998. The Association’s members are Greek private colleges that offer university courses in collaboration with European universities, provided that this collaboration results in the award of diplomas or degrees of foreign universities to Greek students, following a two-year to four-year study in Greece.

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