Faculty of Culture & Communication

Welcome to the Faculty that shapes the future of creativity!

The Faculty of Culture & Communication of Metropolitan College covers a wide range of academic fields and performing arts to serve creativity, information and culture. Offering Bachelor and Master university programmes in the fields of Journalism, Film Directing, Music Technology and Creative Writing, its goal is to shape the Greek and international cultural future and become a starting point for those who wish to pursue a career in it.

Constant transformation and change are the main characteristics of a country’s culture, and the curriculum of the Faculty of Culture & Communication is oriented in this direction. Featuring largely people-oriented content, their ultimate goal is to provide every student with the necessary incentives in order to sharpen their spirit, help them discover their identity and highlight their talents through creativity. The programmes are offered in collaboration with the distinguished British Universities, Oxford Brookes University, Queen Margaret University and University of East London. Therefore, students are provided with a level of study that is equal to that of the best Arts and Communication Schools in Europe and the USA while adapting Greek needs to international standards.

Combining a highly academic approach with the needs of the working environment in the wider sectors of communication and performing arts, the programme is a stepping stone to advanced postgraduate studies in the largest Art Universities around the globe. Graduates of the Faculty stand out both for their solid academic background and professional skills as well as their erudition and cultural identity.

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Awards and Distinctions


The films created by Film Directing students and graduates participate and are distinguished in Greek and International Film Festivals

Specialised labs


Hands-οn experience in real working conditions in laboratories with professional standards

Film screenings


Annual event featuring the short films of the Film Directing graduates

Professional networking


Education, concurrent workshops, and events by experienced representatives from each field.

International prospects


Plethora of opportunities for professional integration within Greece and abroad




Eleni Koukia

Senior of BA in Media Production/Journalism

“Thanks to the dedication and full support of my teachers, I managed to overcome all the obstacles created by the pandemic and find myself one step closer to my degree in a smooth manner. My next step? To attend the postgraduate programme in Digital Marketing at Metropolitan College”.

Thanos Dimitriou

Graduate of BA (Hons) Music Technology and Production

“As part of the Professional Practice course, I created a series of interactive books that introduce children to the world of Music through Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Technology.”

Thanasis Neofotistos

Graduate of BA in Media Production/ Film Directing

“With excellent teachers in their field who inspired and guided me, allowing room even for creative disagreements, I think that the result of my studies is reflected in the best possible way in my graduation film, Prayer, which received the Golden Dionysus Award in the Drama Film Festival.”

Maria Aggelopoulou

Student in BA in Media Production/Journalism

“I believe that the Metropolitan College has nothing to envy from the respective foreign universities. The curriculum of my programme focuses on New Media which is the future of journalism. Thanks to the projects we do, we receive substantial knowledge while our teachers are always willing to help us.”

Katerina Moustaki

Student in BA in Media Production/Journalism

“Here, we receive hands-on education. Thanks to our practical exercises and projects, I am much more confident than I used to be. Studying at the Metropolitan College is the best gift I could have given to myself”.

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