Occupational Therapy Symposium

The Occupational Therapy Symposium is a Metropolitan College initiative curated by the Department of Occupational Therapy on an annual basis

Main goal is to create an annual professional development event, where all registered occupational therapists and occupational therapy students, would attend in order to be informed on new OT trends. The 1st Occupational Therapy Symposium took place in 2013 and since then more than 1000 participants have attended and participated. The Metropolitan College Department of Occupational Therapy has successfully created an annual trend where occupational therapists, OT students, academics researchers and other professionals meet to share ideas, learn and reflect on their day-to-day experiences.


1st Occupational Therapy Symposium

The 1st Occupational Therapy Symposium took place in April 2013, themed as “Assessment & Management of Children & Adults with Autism”. Distinguished speakers were invited, presenting their views, work and involvement with children and adults with autism. The closing speech was given by Mrs. Linda Renton, Queen Margaret University, presenting the new BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy programme of study at Metropolitan College, in collaboration with Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh.


2nd Occupational Therapy Symposium

The 2nd Occupational Therapy Symposium with title “The Importance of Occupational Science in Evidence-Based Practice” took place in June 2014. Professor Erna Imperatore-Blanche – University of Southern California, was the main speaker; giving a sound introduction and explanation of the term Occupational Science, as well as implications on practice and recent evidence, outlining the importance of integrating occupational practice theory into all aspects of the occupational therapy process.


3rd Occupational Therapy Symposium

The 3rd Occupational Therapy Symposium with general theme the “Occupational balance & Quality of life”, took place in May 2015. Lecturers and students of the Occupational Therapy Department of Metropolitan College gave presentations on a series of recent OT issues; integrating models into practice, activities of daily living, helping carers, etc. Dr. Sarah Kantartzis – Queen Margaret University was our guest speaker, presenting her research on the meaning of occupation in a small Greek community.


4th Occupational Therapy Symposium

The 4th Occupational Therapy Symposium with the title “Multi-dimensions of human occupation in the community: the role of Occupational Therapy” took place in May 2016, and for the first time, it was held at Metropolitan’s College Campus at Thessaloniki. Lecturers and students of the Occupational Therapy Department of Thessaloniki Campus, as well as Occupational Therapists who cooperate with the Department as Practice Educators, presented and raised issues regarding the role of occupational therapy in the community in Greece. Dr. Simeonidis – Mechanical Engineer and Mrs. Magklavera were invited as guest speakers, presenting Assistive Technology and Means for Disabled Drivers.


5th Occupational Therapy Symposium

The 5th Occupational Therapy Symposium was held at Maroussi Campus with main theme “Occupational Therapy and Ageing”.


6th Occupational Therapy Symposium

The 6th Occupational Therapy Symposium was held online on 2021 with theme: “Occupation and Sustainable development: Interprofessional collaboration in health sciences”. Keynote speakers were Mr. George Kremlis – Advisor to the Prime Minister of Greece on Energy, Environment, Climate & Circular Economy and Professor Moses Ikiugu – Representative of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).

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