The internationally renowned physiotherapist Brian Mulligan at Metropolitan College

The internationally renowned physiotherapist, Brian Mulligan, came to Greece and Metropolitan College was the only college that had the honor to host two lectures on “Painless improvement of human behavior – The Mulligan Concept» in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Brian Mulligan is the creator of “The Mulligan Concept” and the author of two books (Manual Therapy, MWM, NAGS, SNAGS, etc … & Self Treatment for Back, Neck and Limbs) as well as the author of numerous articles referred extensively to his theory and the results of his techniques.

The revolution that his innovative ideas, have brought to remediation, are based on painless improvement of human behavior through a unique combination of passive joint mobilization and active movement. These techniques were developed by Mulligan in New Zealand in the 70s.
At first he used these techniques in the cervical spine, but later he found them equally effective in other areas as well, while recently he started to implement his techniques on peripheral joints.

Brian Mulligan during his lectures, at Metropolitan College, he presented the concepts of his therapeutic process. He started with an introduction on the operational mode and the fundamental concept of his techniques and then using students as models, he demonstrated several therapeutic approaches on painless improvement of musculoskeletal problems.

Attendees were students of the Department of Health of Metropolitan College, students from other colleges and schools, professional physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as health professionals working in the public sector, hospitals and institutions.

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