Open event on Social Exclusion by NGO “Aniksi” and Metropolitan College

The Department of Psychology of Metropolitan College and NGO “Aniksi” invite you to an open event on “Social Exclusion of socially vulnerable groups”, which will take place on Friday, May 22nd at 17:00 in the college’s main lecture theatre in Maroussi. During the event, Metropolitan College Psychology students will present the results of their research project on the phenomenon of social exclusion in people with asthma and allergies.

NGO “Aniksi” will present the phenomenon of social exclusion from the aspect of health-illness and, more specifically, in cases of people with asthma and allergies, while other invited speakers will focus on:

•    Social exclusion and children with Cancer, by NGO “Elpida”
•    Social exclusion and patients with HIV, by NGO “Centre of Life”
•    Social exclusion and people with addictions, by NGO “Komvos”
•    Gendered social exclusion, by NGO “Network against Violence”.

“Aniksi” (Greek for Spring) is a non-profit organization with the aim of contributing to the fight against allergies and asthma, through information, education, social intervention and support of research. “Aniksi” organizes presentations, seminars, interactive sessions and other educational events, for patients and parents of patients with asthma and allergic diseases, presentations towards the general public, for a scientifically sound and authoritative information on allergies and asthma. It facilitates care-taking procedures for allergic children with special needs and intervenes on the public sector for the protection of people with allergies and asthma.

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