Metropolitan College became a Member of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN)

Reflecting the high quality of the university programmes of study that are provided by the Faculty of Business and EconomicsMetropolitan College joined the European Business Ethics Network (ΕΒΕΝ) and became the only College in Greece that qualifies as a member of EBEN.

European Business Ethics Network, founded in 2000, was the first most active Business Ethics Network representing Europe and already includes 18 countries as members. In Greece was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit organization. EBEN is recognized worldwide as a representative of the European understanding of what business ethics is all about and aims to diffuse that kind of management which is based on values, moral leadership, but also to increase the knowledge about the responsibility of companies towards society.

EBEN’s mission is to promote ethics and excellence in business, to raise awareness about the ethical challenges in the global market and give the potentials of dialogue on the role of business in society. Long-term objective is the cultivation of such society of businessmen who adopt cordially the values ​​of business ethics and who will nurture with these values the next generation of professionals and academics.

In this context, the Greek Institute of Business Ethics Network – EBEN GR supports professionals by offering them the following:

◊ The Forum of European business ethics: annual conference focused solely on ethics and compliance officers, an ideal place for the exchange of best practices.

◊ International network of academic updated capabilities in the field of business ethics and relevant areas such as corporate social responsibility, accountability and corporate citizenship.

◊ Exchanging information on business initiatives taken and best practices.

◊ International collaborations with researchers and business ethics consultants.

◊ Contacts and joint projects with similar networks around the world.

◊ Access to ethical tools such as training on disputes, assessment of values in the organization and participation in role models development.

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