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The mission of the School of Engineering and Architecture at Metropolitan College is the study, recording and forecasting of technological advances and developments in the area of construction and the environment. The School’s undergirding philosophy is the enhancement of the students’ creativity, as well as the exploitation of technological evolution with a view to serving humanity and nature. The School aims at training the future scientists who will hold an impressive scientific background and will succeed in facing the multiple challenges of our times, while at the same time they will contribute to the development and further evolution of the particular sector in Greece.

The School of Engineering and Architecture at Metropolitan College is the first and most comprehensive private School of Engineering and Architecture in Greece. It covers a wide range of study fields which include undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Systems and Mechanical Engineering. The programmes of study are constantly being updated in order to correspond to the latest technological developments, while all courses are taught in brand new, specialized, state-of-the-art laboratories at Metropolitan College which are designed to meet the high demands of the collaborating UK Universities.

The School graduates have a solid academic background coupled with specialized skills necessary for forging a successful career path and for pursuing postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad.
Welcome to the School which builds the future!


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