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The mission of the Faculty of Tourism at Metropolitan College is the training and development of executives, suitable for a successful career in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is one of the most rapidly developing industries worldwide and constitutes the main economic activity in Greece. The need for highly-trained professionals in both local and global market has now become imperative. Therefore, the career prospects are brightboth in Greece and abroad. The programme combines the teaching of scientific theory with professional practice, research and study of the local and international markets.

The titles are awarded by Queen Margaret University and have international recognition. The academic staff of the School of Tourism consists of distinguished lecturers, holders of Masters and PhD degrees. In their majority they are also top business executives in tourism and hospitality companies. The programmes consist of up-to-date modules, both theoretical and practical, in order to offer the necessary skills to those who wish to advance professionally in the Tourism sector.

The Faculty of Tourism has received the award of "Best Hotel Education Provider’’ in Greek Hospitality Awards 2016 & 2017.  This exceptional distinction highlights the high level of tourism studies at Metropolitan College and the wide network of cooperating companies in Hospitality and Tourism sector. In addition the Faculty of Tourism is a member of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE).


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