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The mission of the School of Computing at Metropolitan College is the study, recording and forecasting of technological advances and developments. It combines the theoretical with the practical aspect of Computing, while all programmes of study are designed to meet the latest scientific developments, in accordance with the internationally-changing production and business needs. With this in mind, the School offers Bachelors and Masters in modern areas, such as Computer Networks, Software Technology, Computer Forensics etc.

Special emphasis is placed on the international aspect of technological advances and research developments, which leads to the continuous redesign and adaptation of the academic programmes of study to the latest international standards. Transforming technological advances to applied academic knowledge and vice versa constitutes the core philosophy of the School of Computing.
It is a key objective of the School of Computing that students gain knowledge and skills which will enable them to successfully compete in the ever changing technological job market, to help shape the modern technological process and to develop a critical mind in their effort to advance the science of Computing.

Welcome to the School which creates the technology leaders of tomorrow!


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